The Toots Take Cincinnati & Newport

Wow, what a wild ride in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky! The Toots were introduced to Cincinnati by hometown heroes, and backing vocalists for the legendary blues band 98 degrees, Nick and Drew Lachey. The Toots met up with the brothers at “Lachey’s”, Nick and Drew’s sports bar in downtown Cincinnati. Rick had a Cuban sandwich

Our friends Nick and Drew Lachey
The one and only Nick and Drew Lachey

and Kyle had two cheese platters (despite his recent aneurism, Kyle is still not dieting). The Toots shared some laughs, some hugs, some tears, and even some kisses with the Lachey brothers. If the day had ended there, it would have gone down as one of the most perfect days of the Toots’ lives.

However, with the Toots thinking their day couldn’t get any better, a truly great man sat down at their private booth to join them. Can you guess who it was? It was Jeff Timmons, also of 98 degree fame. “Oh my god!,” yelled the Toots, “Jeff Timmons! You’re Jeff Timmons!”

“Hey guys,” said Jeff, “I’m a big fan of the Toots. I’m especially puzzled by the chemistry that you guys have together. I’ve never seen so much chemistry between

Our friend Jeff Timmons
The one and only Jeff Timmons

two performers. Watching the Toots perform reminds of the feeling I would get when 98 degrees would harmonize together. Theres an unexplainable magic. You guys have the IT factor that everyone in Hollywood talks about.”

“How do you guys do it?” asked Jeff Timmons.

“We’ve always thought of ourselves as the best performers in the country, and now that Jeff Timmons has told us that he is puzzled by our chemistry, we know we’re the best performers in the country,” said the Toots. “But to answer your question Jeff Timmons, we’d have to say it’s our natural talent.”

“That’s how we do it,” explained the Toots.

The one and only poster from the Toots performance at the Jerzees Theater

The Toot’s performed at Jerzees Theater later that night and the show was very good.

The Toots pose with a fan after the show. Also look at the poster in the background too.
The Toots pose with the one and only Alex Baker, lead singer of the acclaimed indie band Coconut Milk.

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