The Toots Commemorate the Loss of a Colleague

The Toots are deeply saddened by the loss of their colleague and head of security Charles “Chacho” Guenancia. He was killed in a fatal car accident when, distracted by the bright lights of a nearby Tru-value Supercenter, he was run over by a Nissan Rogue. The Toots regret letting Chacho out of their sight and promise not to let any more of their employees die. While the Toots debated ending their tour out of respect for the dead, they decided to continue the tour. “We have never been to Louisville before,” said the Toots, “and, although Chacho is dead, we are still having a lot of fun.”

The Toots will perform at the Bard’s Town theater tomorrow night. Can’t wait to see you guys there!!!

R.I.P. The one and only Charles “Chacho” Guenancia

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