The Toots Take The Bowery Electric

Last Thursday, the Toots performed for sold out crowd at the world famous Bowery Electric Theater in Manhattan. The room was packed with adoring fans, some of whom chose to sit on the floor or stand rather than miss the chance to see Rick and Kyle in the flesh. Sitting throIMG_1031 (1)ugh 30 minutes of opening acts only fed the crowd’s hunger for Toots comedy, and culminated in uproarious applause as the Toots emerged from behind a velvet curtain. The Toots then proceeded to give the audience nearly an hour and a half of unique, non-stop, cutting edge, innovative comedy.

Speaking to the Toots outside after the show, the boys were exceptionally modest, expressing to me repeatedly how grateful they were to have performed at such an historic venue. Acutely aware of the Bowery Electric’s rich history, the Toots were thrilled to join the ranks of Billy Joe Armstrong, Norah Jones, and the many distinguished performers who have graced that stage. I do nBoweryElectricot think I’m out of line in saying, on behalf of all of us who were in attendance last Thursday, that Rick and Kyle’s performance will be remembered as a watershed moment not only in the history of the Toots, but the history comedy in the city of New York.


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