The Toots Take the Triple Crown

The Toots were honored to perform last week alongside “Friendship Club” and “Little Buddy”, two of New York’s finest improv duos. The Toots were thrilled to return to the Triple Crown stage, playing to a packed house. Little known outside of comedy circles, Triple Crown is regarded by insiders as one of New York’s hottest underground comedy spots and a breeding ground for many of comedy’s rising stars. And the audience – comprised largely of the who’s who of New York’s comedy scene – embraced The Toots’ unusual brand of irreverent comedy, so much so that they called them back for a short encore (much to the chagrin of the Triple Crown staff who were trying to close up for the night).


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  1. Tit Squire

    During this show I laughed until my head hurt, which is something I haven’t done since the last time I saw the toots perform. Love these guys, I see them whenever I can catch them in town.

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