“…I laughed so hard my head hurt.”
-Benjamin Koch, Customer Service Representative

“…an experience”
– Peter Appleby, Very Good Man

“The comics Kyle and Rick miraculously improvise a one-hour play at every performance. This is an impressive feat of mental athletics, but the results are also observant, complex and frequently enormously funny.”
– The Bedford Patch

“Stumbled into a Bushwick performance hall on what I thought was an average Monday night. Wasn’t really in the mood for a beer so I said, ‘what the hey,’ and decided to have a margarita. The margarita was delicious, but the real treat was seeing the Toots perform. I didn’t even know there was going to be a comedy show, but while I was sitting at the bar I heard two spritely individuals behind me. It turned out to be the Toots, and it was a spritely treat. I don’t know there names but their chemistry was like yin and yang. The combination of the tall weird one and the short fat one was perfect. I’m usually not a fan of comedy, but I would definitely see the Toots a second time, and even recommend it to my cousins, and they hate comedy. Five stars.”
-Isaiah Illingworth, Graphic Designer

“Kyle and Rick are BRILLIANT, HEARTBREAKING, MIND-BLOWING, INSPIRING! The best 50 minutes of improv comedy that we’ve ever seen.”
-The Cincinnati Post