About Us

Much has been said about the Toots, but, most importantly, the Toots are the future of comedy. Hailing from Cincinnati, OH and New York, NY respectively, The Toots are best friends Ricky Dale Morgan and Kyle Harris Gordon. Coming up through the ranks of the Magnet and Upright Citizen’s BrUcb_comedy_logoigade Theaters, The Toots quickly established themselves as the voice for a new generation of comedic talent. One of the most acclaimed comedy groups in the country, the Toots images2promise a mesmerizing, genre-bending, one-of-a-kind show. Part sketch, part improv, part stand-up and part performance art, a typical Toots show is as enjoyable as it is difficult to define.


Audiences will be amazed as they watch The Toots miraculously craft a 45 minute showcase, replete with elaborately imagined characters whose relationships reveal the wildly funny quirks of human nature. If you’ve never seen live comedy, this is aIMG952015031595180632n excellent place to start. Armed with an insatiable work-ethic, revolutionary comedy instincts, and a national touring schedule packed to the gills with live performances, The Toots offer the art of live comedy a new lease on life.

Bring your friends and family to see The Toots!