The Toot’s Embark on Midwest Tour

The one and only Nissan Rogue
The one and only Nissan Rogue

The toot’s hype-train has finally left the station. Relying solely on the power of their brand and the strength of their glowing reviews, the Toots were able to book a string of shows in the Midwest. The legend of the Toots had clearly made its way out past the ohio river, as many of the clubs booked the Toots sight-unseen. But have no fear trustworthy bookers because, in the words of Benjamin Koch – customer service representative, a Toots show is “satisfaction guaranteed.”

The one and only Kyle Gordon

This tour is special not only because it is the Toot’s first run of shows outside of New York, but also because they will be accompanied by a documentary film crew. Filmmakers Bucky Illingworth and Ori Segev will document the tour for a documentary set to be released by the end of the summer (just in time for a festival run in 2015). The documentary will give Toots fans a rare peek behind the bedazzled curtain of fame and into the lives of two of America’s hottest up-and-coming comedic talents. Fans will also learn more about the Toots enigmatic security chief Chacho Guenancia.

Toot’s Ahoy.


The Toots Give Back to The #TootsNation

This Wednesday the Toots did it again!  Performing a sold out show at their favorite theater, The Triple Crown!  This was a free show that Kyle and Ricky put on, to give back to all of their fans, before going on their Midwest Tour.

The positive response they received was expected.  However, they were kept at the theater for several hours after the show, due to the demand for autographs and pictures with fans.

This was truly a night that #TootsNation will never forget

Photo credit: Colin Hughes
The one and only Toots sign autographs
Photo credit: TBD
The Toots introduce their head of security, the one and only Chris “The Dragon” Lombardi 

The Toots Take the Triple Crown

The Toots were honored to perform last week alongside “Friendship Club” and “Little Buddy”, two of New York’s finest improv duos. The Toots were thrilled to return to the Triple Crown stage, playing to a packed house. Little known outside of comedy circles, Triple Crown is regarded by insiders as one of New York’s hottest underground comedy spots and a breeding ground for many of comedy’s rising stars. And the audience – comprised largely of the who’s who of New York’s comedy scene – embraced The Toots’ unusual brand of irreverent comedy, so much so that they called them back for a short encore (much to the chagrin of the Triple Crown staff who were trying to close up for the night).


The Toots Take the Magnet Theater

The Toots were honored to be invited back to perform at the world famous Magnet Theater last Saturday. The Toots were accompanied by some of the Magnet’s best and brightest, including Toots’ sister team, “The Temple Cats”, and fan favorites “Old Man Time.” The Toots treated the Magnet audience to 30 minutes of non-stop, edge of your seat, cutting edge, punk rock comedy. Can’t wait to go back!

The one and only “The Toots”
Fans look on as the one and only “The Toots” peform for a sold out crowd